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Dentures and Partials in Houston

Dentures Houston A strong, complete smile is a key component of optimal oral and overall health. In fact, statistics show that people with a full set of teeth live longer than those without all of their teeth in place. Dr. Richardson cares about your smile and your quality of life. She uses durable, attractive dentures and partials to replace missing teeth and revitalize whole-body health.

Dentures contain prosthetic teeth on a natural-looking gum-colored base and are an ideal solution to restore smiles ravaged by decay, disease, or trauma. Dr. Richardson offers full upper and lower dentures at our Houston dental office. Your dentures will be custom made specifically for your unique smile to ensure proper fit and appearance. Typically, dentures are secured with adhesive or natural suction, but Dr. Richardson may suggest dental implants to maximize stability.

Patients who have some healthy teeth remaining may choose a partial denture, or partial, to restore their smiles. A partial is a removable appliance that contains replacement teeth to fill gaps left by missing teeth. Dr. Richardson will attach your partial to healthy neighboring teeth with hidden clasps. The result is a revitalized smile that looks and feels terrific!

Call our Houston dental office today to schedule your dentures or partial consultation with Dr. Richardson. We give Houston, West University, Bellaire, and surrounding areas exemplary care for a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

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