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TMJ Therapy

Houston TMJ Therapy Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder affects millions of Americans. Migraine headaches, jaw-clicking, and unexplained facial, neck, jaw, or shoulder pain are just a few of the symptoms of this annoying and often debilitating disorder. Dr. Richardson provides non-surgical therapies to eliminate TMJ-related discomfort, restore optimal jaw function, and encourage whole-body health.

Smooth, pain-free jaw motion relies on the proper function of two small joints in front of your ears. Stress, bruxism (teeth grinding), trauma, and a host of other factors can aggravate these joints. The result is pain, pressure, and impaired jaw function. Dr. Richardson will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your distress. She may recommend a comfortable, easy-to-use oral appliance to relieve stressed jaw muscles and encourage proper positioning. If your pain is caused by a misaligned bite, Dr. Richardson can gently build up the surface of back teeth to correct alignment and promote healthy, pain-free function. In some cases, orthodontics, physical therapy, and/or habit changes can improve TMJ function, as well.

Call our Houston dental office today to schedule your TMJ assessment with Dr. Richardson. We give Houston, West University, Bellaire, and surrounding areas exemplary care for a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

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